Winter wedding centerpieces can be some of the most exquisite and beautiful centerpieces that you will ever see. Snow, snowmen, white flowers, or pine cones what is there not to love about winter weddings? You can take some of the season’s most simple decorations and turn them into beautiful centerpieces. Below you are going to learn some information about winter wedding centerpieces and how to create some of your own.


White and silver are two of the best colors to incorporate into your winter wedding centerpieces. However, this does not mean that there are no other colors you can use. Bright colors like green, red, and blue also work very well. Bright colors will bring lots of cheerfulness to your tables, whereas white and silver will bring out the natural holiday feeling of the season. It is really up to you to decide what colors to use in you winter wedding centerpieces, but the above mentioned colors will work really well.

Holiday Décor

Another great thing about winter wedding centerpieces is that you always have the option of using natural holiday décor. For instance, candles, wreaths, and ornaments can be utilized in many of winter wedding centerpieces. Chances are that you probably already have a bunch of these items just lying around your home.

Simple DIY Wedding Centerpiece

This is a simple wedding centerpiece that you can create all on your own. While this centerpiece may be really simple and easy to create, it is going to look great and your guests are really going to be surprised that you created this yourself. Here is a list of things that you are going to need to get started.
• Silver palm twists
• Arctic blue sparkle ting tings
• Premade white bows
• Large silver vase
• Floral foam
• Knife
• Cutting shears
The first thing you want to do is place your large silver vase on a clean working area. You will now insert your floral foam inside. You may have to take your knife and trim the floral foam to get it to fit inside the vase.
After you have completed the above steps, it is now time to shift your focus towards the silver palm twists. You want to cut them into 22 inch pieces with your cutting shears. Insert the 22-inch piece into the center of the floral foam, but be sure to keep the excess part of the silver twist. You now want to insert the other twists around the one you placed in the center. If you place the other twists at a slight angle, it will give your whole arrangement a rounded look.
Keep repeating this process, until you work your way towards the rim of the vase. When you find yourself at the rim of the vase, start using the shorter palm twists, this would be the excess part that you saved, when you made your 22-inch cuts.
After you have used up all the twists, you will notice that your arrangement is beginning to look full. It is now time to start placing in the premade bows. Once again you will want to start by placing one directly in the center of the floral foam and work your way towards the rim of the vase. Be sure to insert them at a slight angle, as well.
It is now time for you to start utilizing your ting tings. You want to once again start in the center of the vase and work your way towards the rim of the vase. If you insert the ting tings two at a time you will fill the vase at a much quicker pace.
You have now created a truly beautiful centerpiece that will leave your guests in awe. Just remember that there are many variations that you can create with this same project. Do not be afraid to get a little creative.

Artificial Frost

Never forget about artificial frost, it can be purchased at any local craft store and will really give your winter wedding centerpieces a zest. You can apply the frost to candle holders, wine glasses, or even fish bowls. It is a very easy application to apply, because the frost will come in a liquid form. You just simply pour it onto a plate and dip in a foam craft stick. Just remember that when you apply the liquid solution you want to apply it in a dabbing motion. There really are many creative things that you can do with artificial frost.

DIY Winter Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Here is a great little project that you can use as you winter wedding reception. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.
• White Hydrangeas
• Branches
• White floral spray
• Glitter floral spray
• Glass container to hold your flowers
• Water
• 15-20 Styrofoam balls (All in different sizes)
• Yarn
• Scissors
• Pearl pins
• 2 Glass cheese domes
• Vintage snow
• Glass candle holder
The first thing you want to do is to make your yarn balls. This is a pretty simple little process. You will start by placing the yarn on your Styrofoam ball and inserting a pearl pin. This is going to hold the yarn in place as you wrap it around the ball. You now want to wrap the yarn around the ball, until the ball is completely covered in yarn. After the ball is fully covered, you will snip off the yarn with your scissors and place in another pearl pin. You want to cover all of your balls in this manner.
After all the balls are covered, you want to shift your focus towards the glass container. Fill it with water and insert your Hydrangea’s. You may need to cut the stem, so it fits into the vase correctly. You now want to spray the Hydrangea with glitter spray, but do not worry this will not harm your flowers, because this is floral spray specially designed for flowers. You now want to spray you branches with the white floral spray and let it dry. After the spray is dry, you will also spray the branches with the glitter spray. These branches are going to fit in the center of the flower arrangement, when they are completely dry.
You are going to place your yarn balls inside the glass cheese dome containers and place them on your tables. You can arrange your candle holders and your floral arrangement, in any manner you wish on the table.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath is a great flower that will work well for your winter wedding centerpieces. They are white and available all year around. Another great feature that the Baby’s Breath has to offer is that they are very cheap, so if you are on a budget, then you may want to make your wedding flower or at least envelop it into your wedding décor.

DIY Winter Wedding Centerpiece Using Feathers

Here is another fun little DIY project that you can try. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.
• Large Martini glass
• White feathers
• Round white candle
• Crystal marbles
• Hair tie
• Bobby pin
You will start this project by placing your large martini glass on a clean working area. The first step is to attach the feathers to the stem of the glass. This might be a bit tricky, but here is an idea that you can try. You will simply take your hair tie and place is over the base of the glass and run it all the way up to the top of the stem.
So, now the hair tie is sitting around stem of the glass, but it is loose. You will twist the hair tie until it is tight and use the bobby pin to hold the twisted hair tie in place. Next you will just begin to insert your feathers into the hair tie. You want to continue this step, until you have gone all the way around the stem of the glass.
You will now fill you martini glass with crystal marbles and place your candle in the center of the arrangement.