Trying to achieve the perfect amount of lighting for your ceremony, reception, and first dance is truly not that difficult. There are many different types of light sources that are now available on today’s market. Of course, you will have to consider the setting, theme, and overall placement, before you select a type and style of wedding lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is perfect for illuminating a specific centerpiece or room area. Up lights are available in two different types including par cans and LED light fixtures. These are extremely safe and can be utilized for many hours, so that you can enjoy your special day, without mishap. Par cans tend to get a little warm, so encourage children from touching them with their fingers.

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is most often utilized for ceilings and walkways. These lights provide a glowing, colorful luminous effect that is perfect for any wedding reception dinner. By placing these along the walkway, you will be creating enough glows and a directional path that will lead your guests directly to the reception area. These are available innumerable, solid colors or multicolored strings, so that you can bedazzle your guests all night long.

Gobo Lighting

This type of wedding lighting is perfect for the dance or reception area. Designs are stamped out of steel and constructed into a lamp cover, so when the lights are turned on the design will project on the ceiling and walls. You can purchase these lights outright or rent them from a lighting store. The couple’s names can be stenciled into the steel, which will personalize your event. This will definitely create a very romantic atmosphere for the dance hall.

Video Projections

Video projections can be utilized during the dinner and dance. Create your very own movie together, so that you can play it for your guests. You can also create individual photos of your history together to project on the wall for everyone to see.


Wedding lighting can be achieved from all different types of light sources. Take your time to choose the perfect illumination and aurora that will provide a romantic and calm environment.