If you plan on hosting a beach wedding, then you are going to need some beach wedding centerpieces. Centerpieces can really create an amazing atmosphere at any table. The great thing about beach wedding centerpieces is that they can be simple and very cost affordable. However, there are some key tips that you should be aware of, when it comes to beach wedding centerpieces. Below you are going to learn some information about beach wedding centerpieces and how to create some of your very own.


The wind can be a major factor, when it comes to any beach wedding. You really need to make sure that your centerpieces are secured down to the tables. If you plan on using flowers you are going to need to anchor them down, so they don’t fly away. Even your vases could possibly be at risk. You would not want those expensive vases to blow over and break.

Hot Weather

If you plan on hosting a beach wedding, during the summer months, then you need to factor in the heat into your wedding centerpiece designs. For instance, don’t choose fruit, as a centerpiece, because it is not going to hold up well in the heat. There are also certain blooms of flowers that will simply not do well, in the extreme heat. You don’t want your flowers to droop over and look dead, during you special event.


Candles have been a favorite item for many wedding centerpieces and it easy to understand why. They create such a romantic setting and if you want to incorporate candles, into your beach wedding centerpieces, then you have to consider the fact that the wind may blow them out. One way around this problem is by using battery-operated LED tea light candles. Another option you will have is putting the candles inside of lanterns, wine glasses, or other vases that will protect them from the wind.

Seashell Candles

If you want to use candles as your beach wedding centerpieces, then you should consider homemade seashell candles. These little items are great and will be an amazing addition to your tables. Here is a list of things that you are going to need to get started.

• Seashells (You can buy these at any craft store or you can simply pick them up off the beach)
• Wicks
• Wax (Any wax of your choice will work just fine)
• Bowl or cup
• Large bowl for water
• Spoon

You want to begin by preparing the shells, which will be very simple, because all you need to do is wash them under your sink faucet. Make sure you dry them thoroughly, because if water gests under the wax it will prevent the wax from adhering.

You are now ready to melt your wax and you can do this by filling your large bowl with water. Now place your candle into the bowl or cup. Once you have the bowl or cup filled with your wax, you are going to place your container into the center of your large bowl of water. So when you have completed this step, you will have one large bowl filled with water and another bowl or cup filled with wax, which is sitting inside the large bowl of water. It is now time to place both containers in the microwave, but only leave it in there for 1-minute, just enough time to melt the wax.

Once the microwave cycle is complete, you want to remove the bowls and stir the wax with your spoon. Now place the bowls to the side, because it is now time to place the wicks inside the shell. You can place the wicks anywhere, inside the shell you want, but if you place the wick in the deepest part of the shell it is going to give you maximum burn time.

After the wick is in place, you want to pour in the wax. Fill the shell to your desired level and you are complete. You have now created some beautiful seashell candles that you can use alone or incorporate into other centerpiece designs.

Sand Flower

Here is another little fun project that you can try out. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.

• Clear glasses
• Sand (You can buy this or get it from the beach, if you have access)
• Scissors
• Flowers (These can be any flowers of your choosing)

You want to start this project, by placing your clear glasses on a clean table. You will now fill the clear glass halfway up with sand. Once the glass is filled to the correct level, you want to place in the flower. Keep in mind that you may have to trim the stem of the flower with your scissors. You want to cut it so that the bud of the flower will rest directly on top of the sand. Be sure to cut the stem at a 45-degree angle to make it fit down into the sand better.

You are now complete with this project. The flower bud will be down inside the vase, so it will be protected from any wind that could have potentially damaged it.

Glass Bead Candle holder
If you really want to spice up your candle holders, here is a great little project that you can try. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.

• Glass Beads (Clear or light blue work really well with beach themed weddings)
• Candle holders
• Craft Glue

You want to start this project, by placing you candle holders on a clean working area. You are now just simply going to glue your beads to the candle holder. Be sure to start at the top and create a ring around the diameter of the candle holder and work your way down. You might have to hold the beads in place for a minute of two, when you are gluing them to make sure they set properly.

You can create this candle holder anyway you want. For instance, you can use all the clear beads or just mix the beads up a little bit. When it comes down to it the decision is really yours and the possibilities are limitless, you can even change the colors of the beads if you want.

Sand Seashell Candles

Another fun little centerpiece that you can create all by yourself is the sand seashell candle. These little centerpieces look great and can be arranged, in a variety of different ways on your tables. Here is a list of things that you are going to need.

• Large seashells
• Small candles
• Sand

You will begin this project, by simply placing your large seashells on a table and filling them with the sand. The next step is to place your small candle in the center of the seashell and then just light the candle and you are done.


As you can see there are lots of fun, creative, and cheap ideas that you can do with beach wedding centerpieces. As long as you have access to the beach, you are going to be able to acquire most of the materials that you will need from the beach, this is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.