When attempting to plan your wedding, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that everything is selected after a little bit of research and contemplation. With more knowledge, you will be able to make the right decision much easier. Of course, some decorations are capable of working with a wide array of different wedding themes and color schemes. Eiffel tower vases are a very beautiful decoration, which is capable of succeeding in innumerable scenarios. With this in mind, you will definitely want to consider using this item for your wedding. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about this decoration and its use.

What It Is

In all truthfulness, these items aren’t all that complex or difficult to understand. In fact, everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, which is known as the tallest structure in all of Paris. Suffice to say, these vases are designed to look like this tower. They’re typically made out of glass and are very tall. They can range in height, but most people believe that bigger is better. The overall structure of these vases tends to be wider at the bottom and top. In the middle, the vases are usually much slimmer. The prices of these items tend to vary, but it is usually possible to purchase a single vase for a few dollars.

Multiple Sizes

If you have made a decision to envelop the Eiffel Tower vase into your wedding centerpiece, you should be aware of the size availabilities. There are innumerable sizes to choose from, but many couples choose to utilize an array of sizes, so they can create a very unique centerpiece setting.

• Twelve Inch
• Sixteen Inch
• Eighteen Inch
• Twenty Inch
• Twenty-four Inch
All of these will fit perfectly on any reception table, without looking outlandish. Take the time to plan a centerpiece arrangement that will definitely draw the attention of your guests.

Various Differentials

Although the overall structure of these vases is very similar, it is vital to remember that they can have a number of differentials, which make them different. As mentioned above, these vases are available in a wide variety of different sizes. However, the vases can be much more unique. For instance, some of these are available in different colors and tints. Sure, clear is cool and can help you design something beautiful, but they’re also available in whites and blues. It is even possible to purchase these items in black. Obviously, your final decision will be impacted by a variety of different factors.

Some Cautions

Before attempting to purchase Eiffel Tower vases for your wedding, it is vital to remember that glass tends to be very fragile. The center of these vases is built in a way that makes them vulnerable. Since they’re so extremely tall, they can be knocked over very easy. If this was to happen and the vase was to smash into the ground, it would be highly likely that the glass would shatter. Therefore, you need to be very careful, when decorating with these vases.

Suffice to say, you will need to make sure that your vase isn’t going to topple over and hit the floor. In order to do this, you will want to ensure that the base of the item is secured to the table. There are several different ways to do this, but you will need to go so in a covert way, which will not diminish the display. For instance, you can consider using a little bit of super glue and allowing it to dry, before putting together your centerpiece. Otherwise, you should consider placing items nearby, which will be able to prevent the vase from tipping over.

The Weight of the Vases

Although it is likely that each vase is going to vary, the majority of these items are very lightweight. This can be very beneficial especially when attempting to decorate your venue. You won’t have to worry about hauling in something extremely heavy. Instead, each person can carry a few of these into the venue at a time and get it decorated fairly quickly!

Cheap Eiffel Tower Vases

If you want to get that spectacular look that Eiffel Tower vases provide, but you just simply do not have the money to splurge on them don’t worry because there is a solution to your problem. You will find many places online, where you can purchase plastic Eiffel Tower vases. These vases have nearly the same look as the authentic vases and can be decorated in the same manner. Another great benefit of the plastic vases is that they are very durable. This means that there is no chance of them getting cracked of chipped during the shipping process.

Where to Buy

When attempting to purchase these decorations, it is vital to take the time to explore your budget. Suffice to say, some of these vases can be a little more expensive than others. With this in mind, it is essential to shop around and choose the vases that work perfectly with your budget and decoration desires. Thankfully, these items can be purchase from a wide array of different places. You can sometimes find a family member of friend, who has recently had a wedding. They might have kept these items, after the wedding was over. You could purchase them very cheaply from these individuals.
At the same time, the Internet will provide you with plenty of different opportunities to get your hands on these items. It is possible to scour websites, where you can purchase from individuals. Retailers and other companies have websites, where they sell the products and you will certainly want to explore their prices and selection. However, you will need to research these entities tremendously! Since the item has to be shipped and is fragile, it needs to be packaged properly, in order to ensure safe delivery.
Finally, you will want to check out local retail stores. Hobby shops, arts and craft shops and even thrift stores may very well sell these items! These stores will give you the ability to see exactly what you’re getting, before you make your purchase, which is very beneficial.

Different Uses

When it comes down to it, most individuals are going to be using Eiffel Tower vases as some type of decoration. These vases are very unique and eye-catching, which makes them absolutely wonderful for this purpose. Due to the awkward structure of the vase, the possibilities are limited, but there are still some possibilities. For instance, you will be able to use the item for floral arrangements, as long as you are able to find long stemmed flowers. At the same time, it might be possible to decorate the vase with an assortment of different pictures.

Of course, there is one unique and modern way to use these vases, which will certainly stun your guests. It is vital to remember that this particular idea isn’t suitable for all weddings and should only be used, if you’re looking for fun and excitement. For a modern twist, you can purchase some very long straws and use the vases, as a way to serve alcohol and champagne. Your guests will enjoy the idea and most likely get a laugh out of it!

If you’re able to find a shorter, but more durable Eiffel Tower vase, you will want to consider using it to hold your cake’s plate! The vase will need to be durable and tough enough to hold the weight of these items. In fact, you might want to experiment and test this idea beforehand. If it works, your guests will enjoy the display tremendously.

Different Tables and Different Designs

Remember that your options are nearly endless and you can go as crazy as you want. Although it is important to make sure that you should stick with your wedding’s overall theme, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different setups. With this in mind, you will want to make sure to explore different arrangements for your Eiffel Tower vases. The majority of couples will want to use this decoration for their wedding’s central décor, or centerpiece. This definitely works well, but it is also possible to incorporate them into other areas throughout the venue.

For starters, you will want to consider, whether or not to decorate the remainder of tables. There are plenty of ways to create stylish décor in this manner. For instance, you might want to think about using a bigger vase for your centerpiece and small vases for the rest of the tables. By doing this, the bride and groom can maintain the majority of the attention throughout the night, by sitting close to the centerpiece.

Tips for Using Eiffel Tower Vases

Eiffel tower vases are extremely beautiful and look amazing. This is why they are becoming more and more popular, as wedding centerpieces. If you want to incorporate Eiffel Tower vases into your wedding centerpieces, here are some tips that might help you along the way.

If you want your Eiffel Tower vases to really stand out, then you should group them in odd numbers on the reception tables. For some reason these vases are more appealing to audience in an odd number arrangements. You could group them in numbers of 3, 5, or 7. Also, in addition to grouping those in odd numbers try grouping them with varying heights.

To add a little extra zest to your vases fill them with large fluffy feathers rather than flowers. If you add LED lights, you will have a gorgeous ambient centerpiece. Also, by incorporating feathers you can save these vases and use them throughout your home after you wedding is over. The feathers will last forever, whereas flowers fade away after a few days. You could even hang different decorations from the side of the vase like crystals.

Eiffel Tower vases give off a spectacular look, when they are paired with shorter candles. For instance, place the vase in the center of the table and create a circle around it with candles.

When it is all said and done there are many different ways that you can incorporate the Eiffel Tower vase into your wedding décor.

Long Stemmed Flowers

Long stemmed flowers such as the rose, calla lily, and the orchid are very popular and will fit perfectly into the Eiffel Tower vase. While many couples prefer the smooth bouquet look, you will have the option of developing your own unique flower arrangement. Start by filling the vase with hydrogel and then take the longest stemmed flowers and place them in the center. Stick twigs and shorter flowers inside of the vase, while working your way outwards. Make sure that you place the flowers in the Eiffel Tower vase, in a formal, even manner, so that the weight does not become uneven and cause the vase to topple over.

Consider Using Floralytes

If you’re interested in creating a unique display, you will certainly want to add a little bit of lighting to the arrangement. Of course, this can be a little more difficult, due to the awkward shape of the vase. Therefore, you will need to purchase the appropriate type of light. Most professional wedding planners will suggest using a few foralytes, which are nothing more than small battery powered lights. Although it is possible to choose lights that can be used repetitively, the majority of these lights can actually only be used once. The throwaway lights typically provide lightning for six to seven hours, which should be more than sufficient for your wedding.

The combination of the vase and light is capable of creating a unique and stunning display, which will be sure to impress everyone, who enters your wedding venue. Make sure that you place a sufficient number of lights into the vase. The experts recommend two or three lights per vase, but this will vary depending on the height of the item.

Ostrich Feather Tower Vase

Nothing is more elegant than an ostrich feather tower vase. These will definitely make great centerpieces for your wedding tables. If you are ready to get started here is a list of things that you are going to need.

• Ostrich Feathers
• Eiffel tower glass vases.
• Submersible LED lights
• A straight handle wedding bouquet holder

Fill the vase with water and drop the solo submersible LED light into the bottom of the vase. You are now ready to begin the next step.

The bouquet holder will be placed in the top of the vase and it will be what ultimately holds the feathers in place. If you are going to be having an outdoor event, it is always a good idea to anchor the feathers in place with floral clay, just in case there is windy weather on your special day. Always make sure that you put the feather in place a few days, before the wedding event. This will give the feathers time to relax and form to their proper shape.

You should definitely try to find a LED light that has an extended battery life, because you want it to last, as long as possible. Do not forget that you have the option of filling the vase with many different items such as crystal fibers, diamond confetti, or food coloring. If you want to light up the Eiffel Tower vase, you will have the option of placing the LED lights underneath it, instead of in the water. This way you do not have to worry about the battery dying out, before the event is complete.

Mirror Centerpiece

The mirror centerpiece is a very hot item, because it adds a vibrant ambience to the reception table. When using an Eiffel Tower floral centerpiece, you should definitely utilize a mirror centerpiece. Of course, if you do not have access to a mirror, you can always settle with a doily or table runner.

Mirrors are available innumerable shapes and sizes, so you will not face any difficulties, when trying to find the most appropriate one to suit your needs. Stabilize the Eiffel Tower onto the mirror in a discreet way, so that it is not visible to the human eye, but will not topple over.

If you place a LED light down into the vase, it will create an afterglow, when it is turned on. The light will hit the mirror and radiate throughout the room. This is mainly why the extraordinary mirror centerpiece is so popular among wedding couples.

Incorporate The Guests Into The Centerpiece

Many couples are determined to use their Eiffel Tower vases, as their wedding’s centerpiece. This is an entirely suitable option, since these items are highly visible and too different to ignore. Of course, there is one way to create a cool centerpiece, without spending a tremendously amount of money. Instead of purchasing and putting together a fancy floral display, you will want to consider allowing your guests to do this for you. You can allow each member of your party to bring a specific flower and slip it into the vase, once they arrive. On the other hand, you might want to consider allowing the bridesmaids to slip their flowers into the vase. Either way, it is still wise to toss in the LED lights, since they’ll make the display a little more beautiful. This is an excellent way to make your guests feel important and play a vital role in the wedding!

Pin Spot Lighting

If you truly want to focus attention on your Eiffel Tower vase centerpiece, you should consider the pin spot lighting. Of course, it is necessary for you to create the perfect ambience and mood lighting with candles, but the pin spot will mainly focus a beam of light on the centerpiece. Many couples prefer this type of lighting, because it provides a highlight effect. Your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the centerpiece immediately, as soon as they enter the reception area.

Most couples prefer a white light, but this does not mean that you have to follow the same tradition. In fact, you can select a green, red, yellow, pink, or blue effect color, but try to stick with hues and tints that will fit into the wedding color scheme.

Artificial Flowers And Eiffel Tower Vases

Throughout history, artificial flowers have been seen as a work of art and they have many different uses. Nowadays, many people are even incorporating them into weddings, because they are cheaper and easier to obtain. Artificial flowers combined with an Eiffel Tower vase can create an absolutely mind blowing look. There are many things you need to keep in mind, when choosing which types of artificial flowers you want to use. Do you want the flowers to match your dress? Do you want the flowers to match your tables?
Once you have decided on what flowers you need, it is time to work the flowers into the vase. Darker colors work great during the fall season and provide a more inviting feeling. Always keep in mind that the Eiffel Tower vases are tall so, any flowers you choose should take advantage of the height. Look for flowers that have long stems. The flowers have to stand out against the vase, in order to be seen. A good thing about artificial flowers is they have long thick stems, which will stand out and allow your guests to see the flowers. Shorter flowers can always be taped against the side of the vase.
An artificial flower arrangement along with an Eiffel Tower vase should always include some kind of accessory. This can be anything from feathers, coins, crystals, mirrors, or leaves. You can even throw some real flowers into the mix to create a unique look that will surprise your guests.


There is no denying that a wide array of different items will work wonders for your wedding’s décor. Suffice to say, Eiffel Tower vases are tremendously beautiful and very beneficial. These vases can be used in an innumerable number of ways, in order to stun your guests. If you are willing to think outside of the box, you will be able to come up with clever and unique ways to use these items. Either way, you should not hesitate to use these vases to add beautification to your wedding’s venue. Make sure that the decoration is put together with knowledge and love, in order for it to be successful.